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We have completed 20 years of successful operation, constantly excelled, won every customer's satisfaction, and are proud to have touched hearts of over a billion people through our products.

We thank everyone associated with Pioneer Syntex to make this happen.

What qualities drives us to deliver nothing but the best?


We are stubborn when it comes to dedication. We strive to elevate our knowledge and standard in all ways possible to ensure we do our best.

Quality Conscious

We are very quality conscious. We believe in delivering nothing but the best by continuously investing in infrastructure & our people

Service Oriented

We are highly service oriented. We know a good product backed by good service always does the job and we ensure we do just that.

Our Services


Dyeing is Skill and we are mastering it every day. We continuously experiment with new chemicals, combinations & chemistry to bring you vivid array of colour to fill life in your fabric.


Printing is Art and we are pursuing it every hour. We continuously print with best process and machineries, controlled by skilled craftsmen to deliver consistent & quality results.


Designing is Passion and we are living it every moment. Nothing excites us more than the look in your eyes when we present you brand new, trend-setting designs every day.

Design Gallery

Our Esteem Clients

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